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The miracle of Tinos isn’t only the miraculous icon of the Virgin, which gave the island its fame. It’s the wild beauty that excites you; rocks eroded by the wind, beaches with deep blue water, Cycladic villages that climb up the hillsides.

A thousand more miracles are just waiting to be discovered here on this island in the Cyclades: beaches – both secluded and organised – for scuba diving and surfing, local delicacies, lunar landscapes and pilgrims crawling up to Our Lady of Tinos on their knees. Some 750 chapels and churches, Catholic and Orthodox, 600 ornate dovecotes, 34 settlements, and the Temple of Poseidon, where pilgrims are purified before they continue on to the sacred island of Delos. Once you get to know the island, you too will become a believer.

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